Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mentoring Ministry

The Mentoring Ministry of FBCM, was initially formed to address the inadequate scores of minority students at the Luther Jackson Middle School, through coaching, advocacy, mentoring, and tutoring. We have been a welcome asset to LJMS and Fairfax County, as a positive relationship, between the public school system and the faith community.

Though we started with African American boys, we have progressed to include girls and multi ethnic races of children. We provide a value add to the school and encourage the children to excel academically, and follow the instructions of their teachers. We also served as an advocate for the children, when parents cannot be (working) or are not involved.

Ministry Lead and Contact Information: Deacon Gary Greene, Sr.

  8122 Ransell Road, Falls Church, VA  22042  |  |  (703) 560-3247